The "Wanderlust Essentials" presets for Lightroom and the following article were both created for the travel blog, For the Love of Wanderlust.

Wanderlust Essentials Presets for Lightroom

Like many photographers, I prefer to do the majority of my photo editing in Lightroom. I absolutely love the organizational features and the creative control that Lightroom provides. One of my favorite features is the ability to create and save presets, so that I can create a fine-tuned, unique style for a photo and then efficiently apply that style to other photos I've taken. This feature has proven to be a huge time saver for me while traveling.

People are often excited to take a bunch of photos while traveling, but people are often less enthusiastic about having to later sort through and edit the photos they've taken while traveling. Now, with the 'Wanderlust Essentials' presets for Lightroom, the editing process doesn't have to be so daunting, and it can also help create a nice 'travel blog' style for your images that is popular on social media sites, like Instagram. Lets take a look at what these presets can do!

1. Koh Chang

This preset is all about beach vibes. It enhances the turquoise look in water shots and gives your image a film-inspired fade.

2. Bangkok Days

This preset offers a crisp, clean editing style, and is perfect for cities. It's also a favorite of mine for portraits.

3. Mossy Fern Forest

This preset has a more muted look for that perfect film inspired nature photo. Mossy Fern Forest also has a subtle grain to create more mood.

4. Kanchanaburi

This preset gives you a higher contrast feel for more dramatic definition. Kanchanaburi accentuates warmer tone & a summer feel, making photos pop.

5. Kuang Si

Kuang Si gives your outdoor photos a tropical look, while maintaining cool & tranquil tones. This is perfect for moody outdoor scenes, therefore it is best used on photos taken in softer light or on overcast days.

6. Old Town

Old Town has a warm, vintage vibe, which can be perfect for accentuating old town centers or archaeological sites.

These presets were inspired by travel, and now you can get these presets too on the travel blog, For the Love of Wanderlust. It is important to keep in mind that while presets can speed up the editing process, there's no 'one-click' solution to creating a perfect photo. After applying a preset, you may still have to make other adjustments within Lightroom to create the perfect look for your individual shot.

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