Best Weekend for Arkansas Waterfalls

In March of 2017 it had been raining a bunch, so Paige and I headed down to Arkansas one weekend to try and see some of the waterfalls that can sometimes be a little more than a trickle later in the year.

The first place on our list was Big Creek Cave Falls. As you can see by the first picture below, the creek was really full and flowing super fast. We couldn't safely cross the creek to continue the trail that we read about online, and so after a while of bushwhacking to try and find another route, we gave up and left to find different waterfalls instead.

By the end of the weekend we witnessed the fullest versions of Paige Falls, Twin (Triple) Falls, and Eden Falls we had ever seen. Also, we got to watch the sunrise on top of Hawksbill Crag and then see some elk doing whatever it is that elk do. Here are some photos!

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